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Members of the Tribunal

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Sr No Name & Designation Posted at
1 Sunil Kumar Yadav, Judicial Member Bangalore
2 Diva Singh, Judicial Member Chandigarh
3 Pramod M. Jagtap, Accountant Member Kolkata
4 Naresh K. Saini, Accountant Member Delhi
5 I. C. Sudhir, Judicial Member Delhi
6 H. S. Sidhu, Judicial Member Delhi
7 N. V. Vasudevan, Judicial Member Kolkata
8 Bhavnesh Saini, Judicial Member Delhi
9 Pramod Kumar, Accountant Member Ahmedabad
10 Akash Deep Jain, Judicial Member Agra
11 G. S. Pannu, Accountant Member Mumbai
12 Joginder Singh, Judicial Member Mumbai
13 J. Sudhakar Reddy, Accountant Member Kolkata
14 D. T. Garasia, Judicial Member Mumbai
15 Narendra S. Saini, Accountant Member Cuttack
16 Rajpal Yadav, Judicial Member Ahmedabad
17 Ramesh C. Sharma, Accountant Member Mumbai
18 N. R. S. Ganesan, Judicial Member Chennai
19 A. K. Garodia, Accountant Member Bangalore
20 Mahavir Singh, Judicial Member Mumbai
21 Jugal Kishore, Accountant Member Kolkata
22 Chandra Poojari, Accountant Member Chennai
23 Sushma Chowla, Judicial Member Pune
24 Sanjay Arora, Accountant Member Chennai
25 Patolla Madhavi Devi, Judicial Member Hyderabad
26 Rama Kanta Panda, Accountant Member Delhi
27 Bijendar Paul Jain, Accountant Member Jodhpur
28 Shamim Yahya, Accountant Member Mumbai
29 Bommaraju Ramakotaiah, Accountant Member Hyderabad
30 Asha Vijayaraghavan, Judicial Member Chennai
31 Abraham. P. George, Accountant Member Chennai
32 Vijay Pal Rao, Judicial Member Bangalore
33 George George. K. , Judicial Member Cochin
34 George Mathan, Judicial Member Panaji
35 D. Karunakara Rao, Accountant Member Pune
36 A. M. Alankamony, Accountant Member Chennai
37 Veeravalli Durga Rao, Judicial Member Visakhapatnam
38 B. R. Baskaran, Accountant Member Mumbai
39 B. C. Meena, Accountant Member Jaipur
40 Jason P. Boaz, Accountant Member Mumbai
41 Tarvinder Singh Kapoor, Accountant Member Amritsar
42 Rajendra, Accountant Member Mumbai
43 Anil Chaturvedi, Accountant Member Pune
44 Chandra Mohan Garg, Judicial Member Indore
45 Saktijit Dey, Judicial Member Mumbai
46 Narendra Kumar Billaiya, Accountant Member Ahmedabad
47 Kul Bharat, Judicial Member Jaipur
48 Challa Nagendra Prasad, Judicial Member Mumbai
49 Amit Shukla, Judicial Member Delhi
50 Vikas Awasthy, Judicial Member Pune
51 Aby T. Varkey, Judicial Member Kolkata
52 Sanjay Garg, Judicial Member Chandigarh
53 Satbeer Singh Godara, Judicial Member Ahmedabad
54 Inturi Rama Rao, Accountant Member Bangalore
55 Pradip Kumar Kedia, Accountant Member Ahmedabad
56 Waseem Ahmed, Accountant Member Kolkata
57 Sudhanshu Srivastava, Judicial Member Delhi
58 Mahavir Prasad, Judicial Member Ahmedabad
59 Pawan Singh, Judicial Member Mumbai
60 Sandeep Gosain, Judicial Member Mumbai
61 Ramit Kochar, Accountant Member Mumbai
62 Vikram Singh Yadav, Accountant Member Jaipur
63 Annapurna Mehrotra, Accountant Member Chandigarh
64 Lalit Kumar, Judicial Member Bangalore
65 Manish Borad, Accountant Member Ahmedabad
66 Om Prakash Kant, Accountant Member Delhi
67 M. Balaganesh, Accountant Member Kolkata
68 Laxmi Prasad Sahu, Accountant Member Delhi
69 S Rifaur Rahman, Accountant Member Hyderabad
70 Rajesh Kumar, Accountant Member Mumbai
71 Beena Pillai, Judicial Member Delhi
72 Kamble Suchitra Raghunath, Judicial Member Delhi
73 Duvvuru RL Reddy, Judicial Member Chennai
74 Kuldip Singh, Judicial Member Delhi
75 Amarjit Singh, Judicial Member Mumbai
76 Partha Sarthi Chaudhuri, Judicial Member Jodhpur
77 Manjunatha G. , Accountant Member Mumbai
78 Ram Lal Negi, Judicial Member Mumbai
79 Maharishi Prashant Kumar, Accountant Member Delhi
80 S.S. Viswanethra Ravi, Judicial Member Kolkata
81 Narendra Kr. Choudhry, Judicial Member Amritsar
82 Pavan Kumar Gadale, Judicial Member Chennai
83 Arjun Lal Saini, Accountant Member Kolkata
84 Manoj Kumar Aggarwal, Accountant Member Mumbai
85 Ravish Sood, Judicial Member Mumbai
86 K Narasimha Charry, Judicial Member Delhi
87 S Jayaraman, Accountant Member Bangalore
88 Nabin Kumar Pradhan, Accountant Member Mumbai
89 Dasi Sadhu Sunder Singh, Accountant Member Visakhapatnam
90 Anadi Nath Mishra, Accountant Member Delhi
91 Amarjit Singh, Accountant Member Ahmedabad
92 Om Prakash Meena, Accountant Member Indore
93 Mitha Lal Meena, Accountant Member Agra
94 B Raja Ravindra Kumar, Accountant Member Chandigarh
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